Quickie Biccies!

Hey, no-one said I was going to kick off this blog with any sense of a) organisation, or b) honour, so I’m just going to barrel right in with a handy recipe I shamelessly filched from this lady here, and modified:

Everyone loves biscuits, right? Here’s some with no added nasties, so perfect for the kiddies. Plus you could make them with your eyes closed, and one thumb in your bum (though I wouldn’t recommend it, for hygiene reasons..).



1/2 Cup rolled oats

1/2 Cup desiccated coconut

1/2 Cup medjool dates

1/2 Cup ground almonds (or sesame seeds if going ‘nutless’)

3 tablespoons unsalted butter (or coconut oil if vegan)

A sprinkle of milk (or oat drink/rice drink if vegan)

Half a banana.


Preheat the oven to 180°C

Mix the ingredients together with your hands.

Roll into ping-pong sized balls and lightly squash onto a tray (covered with grease proof paper, if you remember)

Chuck them into the oven, turn after 5 minutes. Check them at 10 mins.

(I’ve left them in up to 20mins, but they can get dry quickly so keep an eye out)

Leave to cool, then shove into small person’s bawling mouth at will!


The original recipe is great, but I found them just a little dry without the banana to break up all that coconutty goodness! Also, the original calls for a squeeze of orange juice rather than milk. Not to sound weird, but I find oranges a little too.. um… orangey, hence the tweak. Last time I cooked these, I added a teaspoon of Allspice we had lying around, and that was good, too.

The dates don’t have to be Medjool of course. But they are soooo good, rife in local farm shops, and I think they add a bit more moisture to proceedings than normal ones, so they get two thumbs up from this Surrey Mum. They are also great in many savoury dishes,  but more of that another time.

Anyway, these ‘Quickie Biccies’ last a good few days in an airtight containers, so enjoy!

PS: Since first posting this, we have made variations with a handful of raisins and/or dried cranberries or sour cherries. Recommended!


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