Favourite Toddler Pastime #1

The other day I suddenly realised I hadn’t seen or heard from Eva for at least two minutes, so I went searching.

I finally found her loitering in the bathroom, at which point she whirled guiltily around and gave me what can only be described as a filthy Sid James laugh, before turning and scuttling away down the hallway like an alien down an air vent.

… leaving me with this:


…and yes, helpfully some of the more waterlogged ones had indeed burst out of their wrapping (Where’s a pair of rubber gloves when you need ’em?)

I like the way she has dunked one of every conceivable size and colour though. Inclusive – that’s our Eva!

What is it about Toddlers and Tampons, though? If they’re not trying to eat the damn things, they’re using them as unorthodox plumbing tools.

Well, I guess that’s a valuable lesson learned about leaving Tampax at tot-level.

(In the meantime, if anyone is short on present ideas for our daughter this christmas, a bumper box of Super-Duper-Heavy-Flow should do the trick.)



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