Baby Bunting!

DP’s lovely Mum arrived yesterday, laden with gifts for Eva as per. She handed me a large triangular package which, naturally, I was secretly hoping was some sort of gigantic samosa (she’s a great cook). But, Ladies and Gents, it was even better!


Yes, if you’re one of those people who believes we can never reach Peak Bunting, ‘Memory Bunting’ is a good alternative to memory blankets, bears etc.

In fact, the original idea was to make Eva a memory blanket, but we soon discovered that the wide variety of materials from her early wardrobe made this tricky. So bunting was the perfect solution, as the different fabrics don’t sit right next to each other and pull in odd directions.


We are well chuffed with the end result. In fact, it’s tempting to request one for every year of Eva’s childhood.. though we’d probably all end up desperately flailing about in the stuff, unable to get to the TV to switch ‘The Great British Bake Off’ on (or whatever it is bunting fans are supposed to watch these days). Maybe I’ll ask for that giant samosa instead.

Here is Eva on the day she was born, 16 months ago, looking like a little, very wrinkly, mermaid. Spot the babygro!


And believe people when they say, treasure as many photos and memories as you can. The cliche is true: the time goes so quickly. And that’s good! It’s exciting! Watching them grow is amazing, there’s always something new. But your brain starts dropping little details as it tries to keep up. If you don’t believe me just try not writing down the date a new tooth appeared, then see if you can still remember two weeks down the line.

So anyway, yeah: Memory Bunting: do it. Or, if you’re lucky, maybe a really awesome relative will do it for you.




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