Right, I’m going to plug something now. I’m not being paid for this (more’s the pity!) but it does seem to be the answer to a baby food issue I was having. So it’s worth a mention.

Sometimes, as part of my high-glamour lifestyle, I hit Waitrose cafe to claim my free coffee and a nice, cheap baklava. On such occasions I often buy Eva a Suckie, one of those yogurt-pouches with a spout. It’s nice and easy to eat, and keeps her busy slurping up every bit as I indulge my own sweet tooth.


The problem with Suckies, though, is that they are ludicrously sweet. To their credit, they don’t contain refined sugar, but sometimes this is not enough when alternative sugars give the same effect. Because sweetness itself seems kind of habit-forming, as anyone who has ever got themselves into a daily desert habit knows. And, listen up, food manufacturers the world over: these snacks don’t always have to be so sweet to still be nice!

So, I’d resolved to get my own reusable pouches and make my own yogurt suckies, minus that cloying sweetness. Extra eco-points into the bargain. But as soon as I gave it a moments thought, I realised such a thing would be ridiculously hard to clean.

Imagine my glee, then, when I walked into Lakeland on Saturday to discover they weren’t demoing f**king Spiralisers for once, but ‘DoddleBags’.


Above: Nadine demoing the DoddleBags

These are 100ml reusable pouches with a spout. Their creator, Nadine, explained that she used to be an architect, so was very particular about the design of her DoddleBags. They open up for cleaning, and have smooth corners inside to prevent food becoming trapped. They’re colour-coded. and more importantly, they stand up to repeated dishwashing and sterilisation. There is a spoon attachment as an option.. and even a paintbrush set spin-off for creatively minded kids.


Above: DoddleBag, post-use

Nadine kindly asked if Eva would like a smoothie (does a bear crap in the woods??) so we hung around while she bravely battled a malfunctioning blender in order to hand Eva her very own reusable pouch of fruity goodness – Winning!

At which point I promptly squirted the contents all over Eva, the floor and myself in my enthusiasm to try it. And that’s what you get for asking me to sample your new product.

But, beyond that initial hitch, Eva enjoyed her DoddleBag smoothie, and it seems to have cleaned up well, despite our lack of a dishwasher. As DP later pointed out, it probably would have been helpful for me to actually get out of everyone’s way, and cover Eva in raspberries elsewhere. But, well, at least that meant we were around long enough to buckle and buy a ten-pack of DoddleBags. (It seemed a bit rude not to when I’d just had to use half a pack of Nadine’s baby wipes to clear up my mess).


Above: I like my camera focus like I like my smoothies: all over the effing shop!

So i’ll report back on any further DoddleBag experiences but, in the meantime, know that it could be a handy weapon in your yogurt/smoothie armoury, if you are so inclined.

There’s a host of other things you could use it for too, if creating a fruitsplosion in the middle of a Lakeland on a busy Saturday morning isn’t your bag, but i’m sure you can check out those on the DoddleBag website. 

PS: You should know that a proportion of their profits goes to this very worthy cause:



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