Healthy Lollies!

Even the biggest weather skeptic has got to admit we have been reaching ice-cream-inducing levels of heat here in the UK, lately. So let me share a couple of simple ideas for kids lollipops. These are pretty healthy. Some are vegan. Others sneak in vegetables, so they’re good for picky eaters!

Originally, a friend pointed me to these baby-friendly Nuby lolly moulds as a way of getting breast milk lollipops into teething babies. But once Eva started weening, they saw even more use.

They are ace, with big handles to grip, and a relatively small lolly ‘area’. And the great thing about lolly recipes is that you don’t really have to be exact for the most part. Just plonk the ingredients in these and you’re ready to go as soon as it’s set! Any leftovers you can decant into silicone ice cube trays and defrost into puree at your leisure. Or maybe you can enlist your Doddlebags!

So lets start with the simplest:

Banana, Avocado and Greek Yogurt Lolly:

These come out a lovely creamy green, and they are so simple to make, no blending required. You can be quite flexible on ratios here – remember that a little banana goes a long way, so you could probably reduce the amount stated here if you’d like to swing your child away from a sweet tooth!

1 x Avocado

1 x ripe Banana

I x small pot Greek Yogurt

Just omit the Greek Yogurt if you want to go vegan!

Mash together, spoon into moulds and freeze. You’ll probably have quite a bit leftover here, so reduce the amounts as you please. All these lollies are good for using up odd amounts of ‘leftovers’.

Apple Puree and Raisins:


The first lolly Eva ever ate, the puree made from a friend’s donation of windfalls. Sharp and refreshing, with the raisins adding a nice sweetness!

Apples, 4 or 5 small ones

Raisins (a good handful)

Peel, core and slice apples. Boil for 20 mins or so before draining and blending with a good handful of raisins. Pour in moulds and freeze. Bam!

Mango, Carrot and Coconut Cream:


My personal favourite: vegan, and creamy orange, it’s always a hit with Eva.

1 x mango

1 x can coconut cream

1 x small carrot

Chop up and boil the carrot a little first, to soften, then blend it with the chopped up mango.

If you’re short of a blender and quite persistent you could fine-grate the carrot and mash the mango, though! I don’t see why that shouldn’t work, tho raw carrot in a lollipop could be ‘interesting’ texture wise…

Strawberry, Red Pepper and Ricotta:

This one was less successful, but I’m certain reason for this was a particularly crap batch of Tescos strawberries. Oh my Gawd, they really sucked; it was like they were under-ripe, except they weren’t. Straw would have had more favour. But anyway, the resulting lollies were rich but strangely bland. I’m convinced these would be better with good, ripe, juicy fruit, so let me know if you have more success! I’d liked the idea of a really decadent lolly, but maybe replacing the ricotta with mascarpone would be a little less overwhelming too.

1 x tub ripe strawberries

1/4 red pepper

1 x tub ricotta cheese

Boil the peppers for 15 minutes, but don’t bother peeling them unless baby is tiny – why skimp on the fibre? Blend the lot so the pepper shreds end up very small. Pour and freeze!

Beetroot, Blueberry & Coconut Cream:

You’ll need wipes at the ready for these ones, but they’re worth it! I’m not too precious about exact amounts, but just go easy on the beetroot – It’s a bit like banana – a little goes a long way.

1 x small Beetroot (not pickled!!!)

1 x large Blueberry punnet

1 x can coconut cream

Blend the lot! Pour, freeze, enjoy!

Anyway, hope your Tiny Person enjoys these cool treats. That’s if the weather continues to oblige – although I think these are good for rain or shine, indoors or out!








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