Boob or Bust!

Ahhhh, boobs!

How are yours feeling lately? If you’ve had children in the last year or so, they are probably feeling a bit like this:

Best. Cartoon. Evaaar.

Given what boobs go through on a daily basis, the least we could offer them is a well-fitting bra. But are we doing this when we get measured at high street stores?

Boob or Bust reckons not. I have some friends who are involved with this Bra Measuring Advice group, and let me tell you, they are really, really committed to getting all of us gals in the right size bra! So if you’re feeling a bit below-par in the chesticles area, please check these guys out. They may be able to help you.


You can join their Facebook group here:

Or follow their twitter feed here:


They also have a handy online calculator so you can get going with a correct bra-sizing right away.

They are here to help.

So do it for your boobs!



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