Bargain of the Day: Kid’s Slogan T-shirts!

I’ve got much love for girls clothes when shopping for Eva, but it’s a sad fact that boys usually get the best t-shirts.

This seems to have been proved yet again today by wading through some really uninspiring stuff in the girl’s section of Primark, then going over to the boys and immediately snapping up this little gem for a mere £1 (That is not a typo)

£1 boys t-shirt, courtesy of good ol’ ‘Primani’

I’m going to team it with my other top bargain of the season, her Frugi Rainbow Skort, snapped up in the sale. Don’t be put off by the daft name; they are soft, gorgeous, and now down to £10, if you like rainbows as much as we do! (Oh, and a yellow bib. We love bibs.)

frugi_rainbow_skortI’ve recently come to realise that I don’t actually hate slogans on kid’s t-shirts after all. It took the marvellous ‘Boy’, ‘Girl’ and ‘Cheese’ t-shirts from Button & Squirt for me to see the light. (I do find these ride a little high around the neck for my liking, but not enough to put me off. And the tee itself is silky-soft.) I love the gender-swop colours in the photo below, and it’s a bonus that you can pick your preferred colour for many of these tees: Eva has the ‘Girl’ one in what I like to think of as ‘death-metal black’ and I enjoy teaming it with some colourful short-shorts. At £14, these aren’t bargainous, but they won’t break the bank. Keep an eye on the website, as they do have sales of course.


Finally, I rifled through the boys sale rack at Boots the other day and picked up another bargainous & sloganous t-shirt, which you may have spotted E wearing in the Redfield’s review pics:

Suspect someone at Boots Fashion Division may have borrowed a bit liberally from the Boys & Girls ‘Out To Play’ tops (above right) ..hmmm. But it’s still cute, and I’m at least £20 richer, so let’s overlook that for now!

Back in non-slogan territory, I also snaffled this gorgeous Boots Mini Club Fish Shirt I’d had my eye on for weeks.


Okay, this is one of those occasions where my penchant for dressing her freely in boys clothes has backfired a bit, so blokey does Eva look in it. But I absolutely love this shirt and think it deserves a shout anyway. And it came in at the right side of a fiver. So there it is.

Boots Mini Club boy’s Fish Shirt

In any case, I don’t think it hurts to keep people guessing a bit gender-wise in this day and age. (Though it does still make me feel a bit guilty when I confuse elderly ladies!)

Happy Shopping!


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