As every Mum knows, life with kids isn’t all shits and giggles. 

A friend’s Facebook post this morning was a sober reminder of just how difficult it can be for many new Mums with PND… and let’s not forget Dads too, and indeed any primary or secondary carers whose mental wellbeing is suffering, or is supporting a sufferer. There is help out there:

‘Giving birth is perceived to be a magical happy moment, but two years ago today I had endured what felt like the worst day of my life. My birth experience was 4 long hideous days of induction combined with a bout of undiagnosed shingles.

Little did I know it would lead to the hardest 8 weeks of my life…. 

I most definitely had postnatal depression but didn’t want anyone to know as admitting it would make it real and I was worried it might seem like I didn’t want my baby. 

If I realised charities like PANDAS existed, I probably would have phoned them for support. 

Luckily my husband was amazing and we also had a lot of friends and family coming to visit early on so I had to ‘keep face’…I think that helped get me through… 

We got made it and I truly have had the best two years of my life! Being a mum is challenging but I wouldn’t change it for the world.’

Just to put this in perspective, I have always perceived the Mum in question as something approaching a superwoman… seemingly effortlessly juggling children, stepchildren and always with several side-projects thrown into the mix too. 

So maybe shout out about the existence of this charity if you’re a Mum. You never know how many fellow Mums or Dads could be struggling in silence. And PANDAS foundation can support by helpline, email, online forums or Facebook groups.

PANDAS HELPLINE: 0843 28 98 401




Or maybe you would prefer to support PANDAS by sponsoring these running Mummies!


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