Eva: Facebook Fashionista!

For someone who regularly rolls out of the house looking as though I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards, I am surprisingly fashion-conscious when it comes to Eva. And it’s Facebook – of all places! – that really has my pants all aflutter as a kid’s clothing source. There is some tremendously good stuff to be had on there if you know where to look and, luckily, I have a knowledgable pal who was happy to give some pointers and invite me to a few good groups. (Well, I say ‘luckily’ – it hasn’t been quite so lucky for my wallet!)

Firstly, check out some Preloved clothing groups. Do a Facebook search for some of your favourite brands and see what groups come up. There is a lot of Scandi preloved out there, and plenty of Frugi of course. Kids being the fast little growers they are, there are genuine bargains to be had, many of them only worn once or twice before being outgrown. One of my favourite groups deals in Albababy, Nununu, etc and has a similarly long name to match. Another is dedicated to just one little girl’s outgrown clothes – and she has some great ones! So it could even be worth you setting up your own group if you have enough sought-after preloved clothes in good nick (Anecdotely I have noticed that Bobo Choses, Beau Loves and Mini Rodini items seem to go particularly quickly).

I never had myself down as a ‘designer’ clothing fan, but have to admit that lots of the ‘named’ stuff is sharp and nicely fitted (t-shirts are longer and slimmer for instance) and I’m developing a taste for it. Though note that if you have a little Chunk like me, it’s well worth going up a size when looking at buying such brands. Clothbums don’t help, though you’ll know other earthy and straightforwardly ‘pretty’ brands such as Frugi don’t suffer this problem if you’re a fan, as they are made to accommodate reusables. So you should get a good run out of any Frugi stuff.

I’m a bit partial to some of the Huxbaby stuff and, in scouring the groups to get hold of that, seem to have come up with everything but! Below are some of my favourite ‘finds’ from along the way! Can’t wait to bust those Tiny Cottons leggings out this winter. (I’m still holding out for some second hand ‘drip-drop’ Hux in the meantime)

The other thing Facebook is great for is Custom kids clothes.You should check out Tiny Rainbows – as far as I can tell, she operates exclusively through Facebook, and seems incredibly reasonable, price-wise. Typically, you’ll have a few weeks wait as she works through her backlog but, frankly, who cares when she has Barbapappa fabric in stock!? (<-Yes, 80s kids, you read that right! And here are Eva’s resulting harems, below.)

My Tiny Rainbows Haul: cue excitable shrieking!
Little Glad Rags + Hux

Little Glad Rags is another great place to land some custom funky stuff. The astonishingly loud leggings in the pics have become a much-loved staple of our wardrobe (And I love them with what DP calls her ‘irritant’ t-shirt – the one Hux piece I do have!)


Anyway if you’re looking for more info on kids clothes, I highly recommend following Scamper & Twirl, which is where I found my fashion-feet!

And my Instagram account is pretty much about what Eva is wearing. Thus far. So join me to see some more cool kit.





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